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Rugbion Directory Helps to Find New Rivals and Friends

Rugbion brings together people who love rugby. Rugby is their shared topic and makes their lives better with new experiences, memories and friends. The idea of Rugbion is simple – when you’re wearing a rugby shirt or cap, you have a pretty good chance of being approached by someone else who likes rugby. It’s tested, trust me.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the second project that’s part of Rugbion. It’s closely tied to Rugbion’s origins and returns something that I have almost forgotten, and yet it is so characteristic of rugby – team trips abroad for friendly matches.

The interest in this way of travelling that combines curiosity, sport and meeting other rugby fans is certainly not forgotten. But what’s fading are personal ties. These trips happen only if you have a personal connection to someone in the foreign club. The second method is a lot more complicated.

Getting an answer is sometimes almost impossible

You go to Google, and if you already know what country you’d like to visit, you search for local rugby teams. Unfortunately, the standard of rugby club websites across Europe is quite sad, at least according to my survey (almost 1,400 clubs). And if the club has a website, it doesn’t mean you’ll find suitable contact information on it.

If you’re lucky, you’ll find the current email address and send an email asking if the team would like to meet with you first, second, and third half. And then you wait. No answer, nothing.

That’s why the Rugbion Directory project (so far with a working name) was created. With this project, I want to facilitate the discovery of clubs.

How does rugby club database work?

There are currently almost 1,400 European clubs in the database. Of these, there are about 900 clubs where I have complete data such as address name, site address, email, etc. To get this data, I connected different data sources, and I got some of it with the help of data scraping and other methods.

The technical solution is not as important as the fact that the data has not yet been validated by a human. And so you may come across some erroneous data. But I didn’t find any site like this, so I guess it’s better than nothing. Also, I have started to work on cleaning, completing and validating the data. By the way, if you would like to help me, email me.

You can search these clubs by name and display clubs by country in which they are located. You can also visit the club’s website. After a some time considering, I have so far removed contact email addresses – I am afraid it could be misused. And that’s all in this first version.

Further development of the project

I do the programming myself, it’s my learning project that I plan to expand depending on whether and how someone will use it.

In the short term, I will add additional filtering options, such as cities, categories, types of rugby (yes, the database could also cover sevens, beach rugby, touch or rugby league if it’s interesting).

In the longer term, I would like to add data on cities to show how suitable they are for this type of rugby tours – current temperature, the price for beer or taxi, safety, languages and only Chabal knows what else.

I would like to give teams the opportunity to manage their profiles or to add events and tournaments to invite other teams. Or the whole thing will be completely different – it depends only on those who will visit the website.

What can you do?

Projects like this cannot work in the long term without the support of the people around them. If you’d like to help me, there are a few options:

  1. Share – when you visit Facebook, Instagram, or rugby fans, tell them about the club database on Rugbion.
  2. Recommend a missing club – do you know of a club that isn’t in the database? I do, even some Czech clubs are missing. Suggest which other clubs should appear in the database.
  3. Suggest club edits – have you come across the wrong information? You already know where to go. What if something doesn’t work? Email me or message me on Rugbion’s Facebook Page.
  4. Get involved – Would you like to help me verify information? Or something else? Be sure I’m open to cooperate.
  5. Buy a T-shirt – Server, domains, tools I need to create and maintain the project. These are all costs you help me to cover when you make yourself (or someone else) happy with an original rugby shirt :).

And that’s it! Thanks for your time and follow Rugbion!

Honza Pav