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Rugbion Directory Helps to Find New Rivals and Friends

Rugbion brings together people who love rugby. Rugby is their shared topic and makes their lives better with new experiences, memories and friends. The idea of Rugbion is simple – when you’re wearing a rugby shirt or cap, you have a pretty good chance of being approached by someone else who likes rugby. It’s tested, trust me.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to the second project that’s part of Rugbion. It’s closely tied to Rugbion’s origins and returns something that I have almost forgotten, and yet it is so characteristic of rugby – team trips abroad for friendly matches.

The interest in this way of travelling that combines curiosity, sport and meeting other rugby fans is certainly not forgotten. But what’s fading are personal ties. These trips happen only if you have a personal connection to someone in the foreign club. The second method is a lot more complicated.

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Risk-free Christmas: Prolonged Return Period

Springboks already got the biggest rugby gift at the beginning of November. You can also make many people happy – if you give them an original rugby gift. No matter if you prefer to be Baby Jesus or Santa Claus, we have a special offer for the upcoming Christmas season. No more fuss!

If you buy our t-shirt as a gift for someone starting today (15. 11. 2019) and you won’t choose the right size or design, you can easily return the t-shirt and get the correct size or wished design. You can decide until 15. 1. 2020.

This offer is valid for all orders placed until 24. 12. 2019.