About Rugbion

Hi! My name is Honza Pav. I play rugby all my life, and I enjoy how the original ideas with which rugby was founded – fairness, discipline, honesty and fair play – can get to the light of the world even in professional sports. Anyone who has seen rugby will immediately know that it’s just another sport.

It’s because of the roots of rugby. But as rugby professionalises and turns attention to more people and the media, there is a risk that the nice of rugby will disappear. And that’s why I decided to start Rugbion.

Rugbion is the conversation starter – you know the situations when you talk on holiday with a completely unknown person just because it has the All Blacks jersey. I want such conversations to be more. I believe that the reasons why we love rugby are so light.

Anyone who is Rugbion is a bit of a defender of rugby and its thoughts. So why the name “Rugbion”? As a “Rugbion” we could call an individual who is part of a more significant movement – in this case, rugby. The name, therefore, expresses the affiliation with the sport we live with.